Theory – a Dish Best Served Warm

Theory Dish – A new research blog by the warm theory of computing community here at Stanford. Enjoy!

We (theoreticians at Stanford and its extended community) are happy to introduce our new group research blog – Theory Dish. Research is a product of a community, rather than any individual, and TOC is a particularly warm research community at that. We therefore find the idea of a group blog very appropriate and appealing. We hope that the variety of expertise and opinions in our group will offer something exciting for everyone.

  • The Dish is a favorite hiking attraction in the Stanford foothills. It’s also a powerful communication device – an inspiration to our Blog.
  • Photo of the dish due to Linda A. Cicero | Stanford News Service (image here is cropped).
  • Group photo due to our own Stanford CS’s Hector Garcia-Molina.

Hope to see many of you in the 2nd TOCA-SV Day, this Friday.




1 Comment on Theory – a Dish Best Served Warm

  1. Looking forward to reading posts about theory, life, and everything else of interest to our shared community!

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