Theory Explosion at Stanford

It’s exciting times for theory at Stanford these days, with more activity than ever.  In the computer science department alone, we’ve hired six new theory faculty over the past three years:

(Greg Valiant, who’s been here all of four years, now counts as an old-timer.)

Meanwhile, our MS&E department recently hired Aaron Sidford, who started in Fall 2016 and also holds a courtesy appointment in computer science, and our math department hired Jan Vondrak!

We’ve also started a new theory postdoc program, the Motwani Postdoctoral Fellowship.  We have four postdocs starting next year: Clément CanonneRad NiazadehAlistair Stewart, and Avishay Tal.

Welcome to all the new members of the Stanford theory group!

1 Comment on Theory Explosion at Stanford

  1. This is wonderful, there is definitely no shortage of areas of theory to explore and I am glad that Stanford is doing (more than their) share.

    More than that, creating such a concentration of wonderful people is a recipe for making great advances, and I am looking forward to the enjoying the research fruits of the Stanford theory group, as well as visiting there (and reminiscing with Greg about the good old days 🙂 ).

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