Oded Golreich: Take Yourself Seriously

The next installment of our sharing-advice project is dedicated to advice by Oded Goldreich. But Oded didn’t wait for this project to share his advice and has been maintaining a highly recommended advice page. Very graciously, Oded allowed me to copy as much of his page as I want. As a teaser, let me copy here a single advice in the hope that it will encourage you to read the rest at the source:

8. Take yourself seriously: Don’t reduce yourself to a career. In continuation to Nr. 7, I advice to view yourself as far more important than any external aspect of it. That is, your own personal and professional development is far more important than the social status and benefits that this development may entail, although your well-being may depend on such status and benefits. By personal and professional development I mean the internal process in which you construct yourself via your reflection regarding your interaction with the world (including the world of ideas and the world of other people). This process is your life, and its evolution constructs yourself (i.e., what you are); and the personal and professional are tightly linked in it (e.g., the development of one effects the other).

Many more gems where that came from!

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