Nominations for TCS Women Rising Star talks at STOC

Directly from the organizers:
Dear colleagues,
We invite you to nominate speakers for TCS Women Rising Star talks at STOC 2019, which are planned as part of our virtual TCS Women Spotlight Workshop. To be eligible, your nominee has to be a female or a minority researcher working in theoretical computer science (all topics represented at STOC are welcome) and has to be a graduating PhD student or a postdoc. You can make your nomination by filling this form by May 28th:
STOC 2020 workshops will happen between June 23 and 25, with exact day/time TBD.
You can see the list of speakers from last year here:
Looking forward to your nominations and to seeing you at the our TCS Women Spotlight Workshop,
Barna Saha, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, and Sofya Raskhodnikova

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