TCS Women Spotlight Workshop at STOC’22

The 5th TCS Women Spotlight Workshop, organized by Elena Grigorescu (Purdue), Barna Saha (UCSD), Virginia Vassilevska Williams (MIT), and Mary Wootters (Stanford), is happening on Monday, 8:45 am Rome Time (GMT+2), as part of STOC’22. To attend the workshop in person, just show up! You can also join online for free (no STOC registration required!), by just registering here. The event is open to all.

The workshop features an inspiring series of speakers — including an Inspiration talk by Irit Dinur: “Expansion, PCPs, and high dimensional expansion, or How I re-proved the PCP theorem and how I hope to do it again”; as well as Rising star talks by six stellar women researchers, soon to be on the job market: Sami Davies (Northwestern), Tamalika Mukherjee (Purdue), Aditi Dudeja (Rutgers), Charlie Carlson (Colorado Boulder), Yasamin Nazari (Johns Hopkins), and Jessica Sorrell (UCSD).

For more information on the workshop, program, and talks, see the website.

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