Hiring Postdocs

I am looking to hire postdocs in the coming years on topics of algorithmic fairness with relation to a Simons Collaboration and on the meaning of individual probabilities with relation to a Sloan Foundation project. Please contact me (reingold@stanford.edu) for details and please forward to any relevant individual. Some comments:

  1. The Simons Collaboration will offer additional postdoc opportunities across the participating institutions. To be advertised soon.
  • The perspective taken in both these projects is of TOC but the research will gain from collaborations with other fields within and outside of CS (Statistics, Economics, Philosophy, Law, Social Sciences at large). I will therefore be open to postdocs with various backgrounds (and would consider co-hosting with colleagues in other fields).
  • Candidates from under-represented populations are encouraged to apply and I promise to give those applications my close attention.

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