Postdoc Opportunities in Algorithmic Fairness

As promised, more postdoctoral positions now available for 2021

The Simons Collaboration on the Theory of Algorithmic Fairness seek highly qualified candidates (within five years of the award of their PhD) for a postdoctoral research position. Appointments will begin Summer or Fall 2021.

This multi-year program will host several postdoctoral researchers working on modeling and theoretical work understanding (a) the sources of discriminatory behavior of algorithms, and (b) how best to mitigate such impacts.

Descriptions of the scientific agendas of this research collaboration can be found at

Fellows will be able to collaborate broadly, including with researchers at partner institutions: Stanford University, Toyota Institute of Technology at Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Cornell University,  Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Weizmann Institute of Science, University of Toronto,  University of Washington, and University of Pennsylvania.

 The anticipated term for a fellowship is one or two years – to be decided at the time of appointment, with the possibility of extension based on mutual agreement. In addition to competitive salary and benefits, the fellowship also includes funding for independent travel to workshops, conferences and other universities and research labs.

In order to apply, please email a CV, research statement, and have two reference letters sent to Applications and reference letters are due Dec. 31, 2020, though we will consider applications which arrive after that date. Decisions will be made in February.

Jamie Morgenstern, chair of the postdoctoral search committee
Simons Collaboration on the Foundations of Fairness in Machine Learning

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